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You might not be a total geek like me and just love love love visiting the library. Perhaps you don’t like to read. I highly recommend you try it, but to each their own. However, all is not lost, dear non-reader. If you’re looking to shave some money off the entertainment budget the library can help you out with that because the majority of them now allow you to check out CDs, DVDs (even new releases and movies on Bluray), and video games for free. Sure, Redbox is only $1, but the library has a larger selection! In addition, you can keep most of the materials for a week or more (except for new releases which tend to have a 24-hour loan period). Thinking of buying a video game but want to try it out first? Go to the library! Same goes for sampling new music. Why buy a CD, or even download MP3s, before you even know whether you’ll ever listen to the album again? Save yourself some money and try before you buy.

In addition, if you’re ever without a computer or internet access head to your local library and check out their computer lab. Whether you’re looking to work on report in Excel, type up documents in Word, play World of Warcraft, or just connect on Facebook, the library has you covered.

Your local library also has magazines, information to help you find a job, tax forms, and even coupons. It’s not just dusty old “boring” books anymore.


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